Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Victoria Day

Today in Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day.
I found the above story about Queen Victoria in my devotional Bible.

 After the laughter
The tear 
And the sigh
After the final
Is good-bye
After we sever
This gossamer tie
What will they remember
Of you 
Or I?

None of us knows how near our Ever-after is...
Pray we revere Time's ephemeral This! 

© Janet Martin


  1. Funny...when I commented on your last poem earlier today, I almost wrote "Happy Victoria Day" since my calendar has it, but I didn't know what Victoria day for Canada was--ha. Now I know! Cool stuff :-D

    1. yay! so happy that I linked to it! First I forgot then I came back and added the link because I wondered if readers outside of Canada know what it stands for.

      I could be going to watch fireworks somewhere but I'm really trying to get the planting done. Our youth group always goes away for Victoria Day weekend so that emptied the house of all my help! Today's weather is so perfect for planting. Planting potatoes by yourself is challenging but I'm nearly done!

  2. So interesting...I hope you had a good weekend!
    I hear you on the loss of help..:)

    1. we had a great, busy week-end but got a lot accomplished.

      I'm remembering what mom said about seems as soon as we were old enough to help we were never home! ;-)


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