Wednesday, May 11, 2016


From either side of where we are, future and past persist
Darling, for one half-breath their bars collide in our What Is
These elements have taken while they waken us anew
To where we are and how What Is will soon be What Was too

What Is never subsides yet glides through us as smooth as air
And soon the What Is we descried is way, way over there
My, my, time’s sleek transition is a strange and common thing
Where What Is hinges to What Was and What Waits in its wing

This showcase of love’s highs and lows is a constant pursuit
Twixt what nobody knows and what is trodden underfoot
Darling, What Is is soon What Was and What Will Be, What Is
How soft we are propelled toward Eternity’s Abyss

Let's love What Is, its half-breath Kiss barely grazes our Ought
Before the brush and blush of it amazes second thought
And we are at the mercy of a new What Is, oh my
Darling, how small the ladder that affixes earth to sky

© Janet Martin

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