Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wonderful to Me...

Wonderful to me
The dawn that lights the lea
Ignites what soon will be
Before we seek our rest
Wonderful to me
Love persists faithfully
Where our humility
Is pitiful at best

Wonderful, oh God
The bounty of earth’s sod
Where oft we trip and trod
Across its treasure trove
Without a word of praise
Until life’s testing ways
Returns us to that place
To wonder at your love

Wonderful to me
For oh, how can it be
That immortality
Awaits beyond this gasp
For in the flesh, a soul
In brokenness, the Whole
In life’s journey; a Goal
That wonder cannot grasp

Wonderful, I weep
This sin and sorrow sweep
Is not too dark or deep
To keep You from our call
You comfort us, oh God
I cannot quell with thought
The wonder of it all

© Janet Martin

“I like the word ‘wonderful’ ”, said Victoria. “It describes itself; full of wonder”

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Ps.139:14

one more verse because today we remember...vividly!! 9/11

Wonderful to me
The darkness that must be
Is but part of a sea
Before the Great Divide
When Love will conquer hate
And open wide the Gate
To God. Amen. We wait
Where Hope and Faith abide


  1. That Victoria is wise... about the word wonderful. I agree.

    Lots of things to ponder in your post today. Enjoyed the photos of harvest bounty. Your sunflowers look tall like ours... giants!

  2. Thank-you Brenda:) Victoria was with me when I opened your comment. You made her day. She smiled and said 'I like when people says nice things about me'. We decided it's good to remember to do to others what we like done to us;)

    the sunflowers are huge this year! I harvested the heads the other night because they were drooping and the birds couldn't get at them that way so I took them out... glad I did. the garden is pure mud right now!


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