Monday, September 29, 2014


One wide-open highway, one wide-window afternoon and one wide-eyed woman on a bike= happy, happy, happy;-)

We traverse far and wide to see
The artwork in God’s gallery
Of turquoise sea, white sands, green field
Kaleidoscope of autumn-yield

Still, after marveling at blue
Caught on a crown of crimson hue
After russet gusset, gold grain
Pink gossamer of mist-kissed main

…after summer slumbers, her form
Enshrouded in a color-storm
Of vista sweeps and purple deeps
And cradles where her leaf-song sleeps

…after each stunning season-show
The hike-bike-driving-walking 'wow!'
We turn, where evening shadows fall
To home, life’s ‘loveliest of all’

…and here kindly the kettle hums
No matter what ‘next season’ comes
Here we frame pictures hung on thought
Seasons spill soul forget-me-not

…and here, in spite where we’ve been
The heart is tugged by hands unseen
And thus toward its arms we come
That corner we call home-sweet-home

© Janet Martin

Often, as I turn into our driveway whether walking, biking or driving
 I am sudden-struck by Grateful Wonder-some,
 That God saw fit to bless a bit,
 My life with loveliness of Home

...even the horse knows when he is homeward bound!

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