Friday, September 12, 2014

Think on These Things

Think on these things;
We on time’s wings
Are caught in middle-prayer
Life's foreign phrases
On our tongue
Soon become familiar

Think on these things;
New mercy springs
Where we abused clock-gold
Yet every morning
God bequeaths
New mercy for the old

Think on these things
We are here
But oh, He is not There
He is with us
Both Here and Now
and ever Everywhere

© Janet Martin

I feel like I live in middle-prayer these days; case in point…today Melissa is having a new country-meets-city experience. Catching the bus home. She just messaged me with ‘My stupid bus didn't stop for me, so now I have to wait another hour for the next one
She reassured me she is fine but...
Pray with me??


  1. Praying will be fine.
    Was that the bus in TO?
    I know Britt would empathize...
    brrrrMy hands are cold from mowing lawn!

  2. Thank-you. she is on her way now but pray she doesn't miss her stop!!

    ...and I think she is learning, no coffee before a two hour bus ride if you know what i mean;)) poor girl!

  3. she did just fine and I'm learning what a vital part public transit plays in many lives!!


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