Friday, September 26, 2014

The Picnic Will Not Care...

If we did not, did not lie there
To sip the blue breeze-seasoned air
Nor popped its cork at noisy noon
Or paused at work to taste its swoon
The picnic will not care

If we did not sprawl half-reclined
Beneath tracery leaf-song lined
To contemplate nothing all
Save crumbs of cake and nibs of fall
The picnic will not mind

If we did not count soft sky-sheep
Or spread a quilt against a sweep
Of clover-leaf or green-grass sea
To revel in God’s poetry
The picnic will not weep

If we did not, did not lie there
Without intention but to share
A dream or two with he or she
Beneath the reaching reading-tree
The picnic will not care

© Janet Martin

Yesterday, after reading Brenda's post
and after a day of



chopping trees (or at least trying;)

Doing a bit of fall decorating

I lamented the fact that, though I love picnics it had been a while since the last one...
So I laid out a blanket, a basket, some books...

...and just as I was about to enjoy!! a lady dropped by wondering if she could trade a few of her perennials for a few of mine, so we did, then Emily dropped in, then I needed to take Matt to work,
then 'my li'l guys'I babysit came and we played...

...and had supper, then the boys left and Victoria and I went to 'meet the teacher' at school, then we came home, quickly cleaned up supper, went to Matt's hockey game...
...and the picnic didn't care.
it was still there when I returned to put it away for another day...
Who knows?


  1. That's awesome:)
    Hey you found the book! Value Village?

  2. no. I'm still on the hunt for a copy but the library found one that I can read in the meantime. It is a Must Own book!!

  3. K, I'll keep looking. nothing like the hunt!

  4. "Dandelion Wine" - Hurray! Hope you are finding time to enjoy it. It's actually a perfect book for reading like this: outside, on a blanket :-)

  5. Ahhhh... what a delightful post. Enjoyed the poetry, the photos, a peek at the books you were going to read, all the yard shots... simply delightful.

    Thanks, Janet!!


  6. Sasha, the plan, barring 'un-expectations' is to enjoy it for a little while this afternoon on the blanket that is still there, while li'l guy sleeps IF he sleeps;)

    I cannot even put in words how this book makes me feel!!

    Thank-you so much for suggesting it to us! I read the first few pages out loud to hook Victoria, but I think she prefers reading it on her own...I understand.

  7. Thank YOU Brenda, for the inspiration!!

  8. PS... Aha... I saw the little pile of corn candy (or whatever they're called)... on the plate. Yum.

  9. You are very welcome, Janet. I'm so happy it's your kind of book, I thought it might be :-)

  10. OK, when do you sleep? You do all that and crank out fantastic poetry and cool photos and you look amazing. I think I've just convinced myself you're not real. ;)


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