Monday, September 1, 2014

Surrender of Summer and other Such Seasons

So it begins;
Subtle exchanges
Colors once vibrant
With hope’s new-born rush
Softly fall prey
In the day-night-to-day
To jaded complexions
Beneath time’s trite brush

So it begins;
Laughter polishes pictures
Ignoring the tincture
Of faraway things
That teases new color
Into verdant valor
Tugging more tautly
On loosened heart-strings

So it begins;
Rebellion, contrition
…nature surrenders
By heaven’s hand taught
Unlike the struggle
Where human condition
Battles submission
In ramparts of thought

So it begins;
We kiss sun-freckled grins
Smile for a while
At decoys in full-bloom
While that wall-flower clock
On the blue-sky sidewalk
Subtly silvers
The floor of earth’s room

 ©  Janet  Martin

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