Saturday, September 20, 2014

Something More Than Seasons...

‘Tis something more than Seasons that stirs us and spurs us on
And we are driven to begin again by more than dawn
The fellowship of fallow and the mouth half-full of mirth
Pleases, like vapor-tinsel on a sin and sorrow earth

We long for something more than song to satisfy our lips
The flower of an hour frets upon our fingertips
Where soon another summer slips according to Time’s law
And all that we can muster from it is ‘aha, aha’

We know that we are more than driftwood headed for a Shore
This consciousness keens constantly the thirst for Something More
For body holds a spirit; we are more than flesh and blood
Though our parched-tongues deny it, we can never out-shout God

Ah here, the crux of faith and fear employs both joy and grief
Eye-sight enhances knowledge but it cannot boast belief
And something more than seasons draws us to this quest of sod
We count our countless reasons knowing that the More is God

Our life-long dash is like splash; its spills then disappears
...we know that we are made for something more than yearning years
This skin and bones is but an overcoat that holds the soul
These seasons are Time's corridor to something more; The Goal

© Janet Martin

 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

The above verse will be the memory verse for my Sunday school class in the coming I ponder the pain of relinquishment whether of sod or skin 'seasons' I know the Something More that draws us onward will never be fully satisfied until we meet 'His own image' face to face.

The author of a book I am reading has an astonishing gift of dissecting and painting the visual with words that rock the core of the reader...yet she denies the very Being that breathed it into being. How awful to see with our eyes only and miss it all!
Pray we do not live, laugh, love simply to die...

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