Friday, September 19, 2014

September Makes Me Feel a Bit...

September makes me feel a bit
Like a lad who went fishin’
An’ came home with no fish
Or a gal gone galavantin’
With naught but a wish

September is a toss
Twixt yes and no
Ah, yes, you’re a beauty
Ah, no, please don’t go
And do you come to me
Just to hear me say so?

September makes me feel
Like an old grounded sailor
Starin’ out to sea
An’ readin’ the weather
In spite of what we
Already know
…somewhere out there
Is a forecast of snow…

September takes me
all around the yard
like a loop-de-loop
on an old postcard
And I am maiden
Foot-loose, free as thought

…September comes laden
with kettle and pot
reminding me
of Duty’s part
September is a tug-of-war
Waged in my heart
Spectacular lift-off
Spawning a cast
of echoes and hints
Future versus Past 

...and all I can do is
watch and wave
and pretend
That I am brave...

© Janet Martin


  1. September is kind of a betwixt and between month, isn't it? I am ready for fall, though, and looking forward to what's coming.


  2. Yes it is...I could start at the beginning of summer and do it all again! It was short and cool here and I love the HOT weather. But, being a lover of all seasons I am okay with fall coming as long as he drags his feet;)


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