Thursday, September 11, 2014

Of Wish and Imagination

 Do you ever find that Time is a celebration of wish and imagination? 
Summer is far too small a world to ever be quite appeased;
it's a little like putting down a book in its best part 
and never returning to finish it...
It's like being wonderfully, perfectly...teased

Anticipation is mostly wishes
And imagination
Sometimes we are victims of
Fact and infatuation

The buttercups we never twirled
Between our idle fingers
Are gone; like summer’s sun-sweet world
Save for the frond that lingers

Truth has ways of telling it
That one can hardly handle
And everything we touch a bit
Like flickers of a candle

Somehow, while we love one thing more
A wise wind rearranges
The Very Thing we quite adored
Before we wore its changes

And suddenly on one dark night
When clock-rivers run faster
We realize this spartan plight
Is quite a fight to master

And even with the centuries
That tiny tick-tocks suture
No one has found the answer-key
To open up the future

I guess ‘tis best we do not know
The morrow’s explanation
Anticipation fills us with
Wish and imagination

© Janet Martin

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