Friday, September 19, 2014

Good-byes are Like That...

Good-byes are like that;
...hands letting go
While hearts hold on
You gave me the old ‘tip ‘o the hat’,
but oh,
You’ll never be fully gone
Cause right there where
you used to be
Is the picture of
A memory

I never cared
For good-byes;
Blue, blue air
…the relinquishing of
Eyes looking in eyes
Is hard to bear
Yet ever within reach
You stay with me
In the picture of
A memory

With every hello, oh,
I know
It is true
Eventually will come
The letting go
Of you
But good-bye gently frames
What used to be
…the picture of
A memory

© Janet Martin

2 optional stanzas tagged on...

What good to stare
With hollow eyes
At yester-years
for everywhere
Love's good-byes
Hover near
And what we hold
Too soon must be
The picture of
A memory

Good-byes are not
Abandoned ruins
of love
They are the aftermath
holding close
And I will always
thankful for  pictures of
A memory

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