Thursday, September 25, 2014

Especially Life

...why we take pictures...

If it were simply sun or summer
…rain, or tea, or you and me
If it were merely toes a-tickled
By the pulling, lulling sea

If Delight were not soft-shaken
on our bitty wakefulness
if existence were all taking
without second-thoughtfulness

…if we didn’t know the difference
between beginning and the end
we would never drink so deeply
from the fount of life, my friend

…for 'tis in the solemn knowing
be it summer, you and I
be it rainbows scrawled in ether
promise on the weeping sky

…be it dipping doughnuts, dashing
where the leaves of autumn spill
be it wondering at petals
or the kettle-song when chill…

…comes creeping up the hollow
to betray our summer feet
that we begin to swallow
that which makes this life so sweet

…not in the having, having
of whatever Life will send
but rather, in the knowing
that its every Thing will end

…that’s what makes it special

© Janet Martin

Yesterday, while doing round two of a long appointment at the dentist I had ample opportunity to see many commercials on their overhead TV screen. One commercial boasted an 'endless vacation'! It got me thinking how unsatisfying such a vacation would be and it dawned on me that no matter what we enjoy-seasons, books, treats, you name it, it's in the knowing that it will end that makes it special...especially Life.

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