Monday, September 29, 2014

The Breeze Undresses Trees... five days the breeze has almost completely teased the leaf-song from this tree...

The breeze undresses trees
Methinks I hear her laugh
Her whisper sews white-woven clothes
Where grows the silver chaff

The breeze teases the leaves;
Green’s metamorphosis
Of scarlet-gold is hard to hold
Too long upon her kiss

The breeze runs, wild with ease
Baton across the limb
Where strum those mournful melodies
Of summer's dying hymn

The breeze scavenges seas
Of oak, maple and elm
And none can thwart her piracies
Of Hunger at the helm

The breeze, like infantries
Invisible can pull
A battalion of memories
Within her phantom hull

The breeze undresses trees
Shushing plush-red refrains
...soon all that will be left to tease
Are skin and bone remains

© Janet Martin

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