Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Go-round

 (Three separates poem-lets or one full choose:)

That Big Alarm Clock in the air rouses the morning light
The Hour is at hand with unrelenting appetite
For seasons have no snooze buttons and even as men sleep
The harbinger of winter-summer taps his restless feet


This thread man treads is like a tightrope hinged beyond the skies  
Time lays its dead beneath the spreading realms of yester-sighs
Prayer grasps at skeins of Hope and pleads for courage to proceed
For day is heavy with the dew of fear and want and need


Each tick-tock breaks a lock; and Future spills into the Now
Soon thought salutes the troops that fall into its afterglow
While that Alarm Clock in the air pulses with fresh appeal
And wakes the takers for another go-round on Time’s Wheel

© Janet Martin


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