Saturday, September 6, 2014


The years have whittled away
More than memories
Her plumpness reduced to skin and bones
Beneath a cotton sheet
Where she is babied and mothered
While she traces the air
Looking for a lifetime of Something
She lost somewhere

© Janet Martin

My daughter Emily is overcome with pity and love  for the people she cares for at a long-term care facility.


  1. Your daughter must be a great girl, as this is a difficult job for most.

    Alzheimers is such a sad thing to watch. I remember when my husband's mom first stopped knowing him. So devastating it was.


  2. She is a wonderful girl with a gift for working with people; the elderly as well as a youth group leader. she told me she loves both!

  3. HI Janet. This is beautiful. I lost my mother to Alzheimer's/dementia as well as my mother-in-law and now my oldest sister is in the early stages of it. It takes a special person, like your daughter, to care for these dear souls suffering with this disease. Blessings to you.

  4. She is such a kind care-giver and it seems like there are way too many people suffering from Alzheimer's, and is it just me or are they getting younger? My friend's dad is in his early sixties and they are looking into long term care for him. It is heart-breaking. This photo is my aunt who passed away in the spring. Before her, her dad and all most of his siblings, a large family all got it! (my great aunts and uncles) It's a sobering thought!

  5. This must be so heartbreaking to watch. It definitely is a gift to be the kind of person who administers such care. Thankfully there are those like your daughter who use their gifts.

  6. She is learning things she doesn't even know. I pray she blesses their lives like they once blessed others!

  7. She has the patience of a saint - just like her mother. Janet, I tweeted this. Such power in such few words.

  8. Glynis,thank-you for this and for finding the time to read even with every life is throwing at you!!
    God bless.


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