Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Don’t mind me, he whispers, running fingers through her hair
He tilts her chin to marvel at the colors of the morn
And fills her mouth with candy, kissing her while cradles wear
Her heart’s innermost lining as the child is gently torn
From mother’s reaching murmurs, he pacifies her lament
‘Forgive me’ still he whispers as her maiden-form is bent

He laughs in flower-colors, teases with forgetfulness
While her children sing ‘Happy Birthday to you, Mom’
His ever-present Presents gift her with life’s cruel kindliness
She longs to gather like a mother hen each daughter, son
And protect them from living's pain that most assuredly waits
While bluebells bob in bonny-breeze on swinging garden gates

…but Pain is the harbinger to authenticity
He softens desperation; we are not forever young
As he slips from her finger the brass ring of fantasy
Lest she is haunted by the echoes of those songs she never sung
...yes, she’s seen knives glint between teeth where lips were shaped in smile
And she is not so quickly taken by flattery’s polished guile

She doesn’t want to miss it all while ‘getting it all done’
In the crook of his compassion he compels her to switch gears
And relish more from less; he holds her like lover torn
Twixt holding on and letting go; the morning disappears
…she begs him to hit pause so she won’t miss a single dance
While woodland gardens bloom and fade without a single glance

Don’t mind me, he whispers, running fingers through the air
He tilts her chin to marvel at the way Time’s colors swirl
And fills her mouth with murmurs molded into humble prayer
Her heart’s innermost lining holds the echoes of a girl
As the height of love’s expression spills soundless within her tears
‘Forgive me’ still he whispers brushing hours into years

© Janet Martin

So the apple trees bloomed and the blooms fell, witnessed by none but earth's Great Garden-keeper...but there were birthdays to celebrate and anniversary too...love's callings, so many and the hours so few...

Today is our 26th anniversary, on Saturday is my birthday...again! already!;(...oops  :) 


  1. Beautiful as always Janet...Happy Birthday and Anniversary. Hope you have a wonderful week. :-)

  2. Happy anniversary, this is beautiful, you are so gifted ....

  3. Yes you are gifted. Your poetry still amazes me. I hope to acknowledge your birthday properly soon:) I know you understand but still.....:)

  4. thank-you and NO WORRIES, there is a once-in-a-lifetime event to celebrate right now! in a week you will be reminiscing....for months to come!


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