Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Of Time and Truth

We learn too much too late; Truth can’t pretend
It stands unaltered in Time’s heaving lake
Immutable, though we bicker and break
The rules only to find out in the end
What our forefathers suffered, just as we
To learn with jaws dropped low and knowledge spent
Because, though headstrong stubbornness was bent
Somehow determined to change history
We cannot change what cannot be annulled
To ignore Truth simply leaves senses dulled

So then, what hope is there of change at all
Or any good to come from the disgrace
Of fumbling, stumbling, stubborn human race?
Are pleasantries a hoax of syllable?
Will the naysayer armed with ‘right’ and ‘wrong’
And foreboding froth spewing from austere lips
Be champion, counting on fingertips
His shallow prize of self-righteous aplomb?
Nay, Truth is not small-talk but mercy’s gift
An anchor in a sea where notions drift

God, rich in love and grace does not digress
Though Time rushes like water over stone
Diluting what our forefathers made known
No hour fazes I AM's holiness
Where puffed up vanity blinds us and greed
Distracts us from The Great Accountant’s charge
Still Truth will guide each humble, bumbling barge
For nothing here can change what love decreed
And though we learn so late what we know, still
The Truth will set us free to do God’s will

© Janet Martin

Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away. Matt 24:35

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