Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh, Isn't It Amazing?

 ...For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace. John I:16

Oh, isn’t it amazing as we stand where morning’s door
Swings softly outward beckoning where none have gone before
And gold melts into puddles where the gray of yesterday
Is gone and done, and God alone rolls out Time’s untried way

Oh, isn’t it amazing how with shadow, there is light
How God, in loving tenderness slips new day over night
And then in eager fullness He, in spite of our mistakes
Spills mercy into morning pouring more grace upon grace

Oh, isn’t it amazing, how where apprehensions groan
God begs us to go boldly into this day’s new Unknown
For He will never leave us or forget this troubled place
But with His fullness satisfies Want, with grace upon grace

Oh, isn’t it amazing, though our track-record is grim
Still love implores with open doors and glimpses rich with Him
For God, so rich in mercy from a high and holy place
Pours into us His fullest blessing of grace upon grace

© Janet Martin

...and it seems fitting to post this favorite hymn by a favorite band (we miss you, George)


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