Thursday, June 26, 2014

So, Here It Is

So, here it is and so are we
Eager for what we cannot see
But soon its emptiness will frame
For each and every one the same
From vaults that no one can appease
This thing making new memories

Then, when the evening star is lit
And we pause to reflect a bit
As what now is wafts to what was
It steals our very breath because
Often it slips our thought with ease
That we are making memories

These ties that bind will someday break
Living’s design of give and take
Is all we have with which to fill
A place that oft returns at will
To echo on some dark night breeze
Where now we make those memories

So, here it is and so are we
A touch-taste-tremble odyssey
Before the scrim of sunset seals
What soon will be to phantom reels
That none can change; God, help us, please
For we are making memories

© Janet Martin

So, because I've been pondering this idea of days being like a thread weaving memories, when she came to me last night and softly touched my arm, asking 'May I have nine girls over for a school-year- end celebration on Friday?' to her astonishment I said 'yes':)

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