Thursday, June 19, 2014

Always on the Hunt

Where do you find them and how? someone asked me and suddenly I wondered too!

How do I find you and where do you hide
I’ve glimpsed you on skylines and hushed countryside
Yesterday briefly I touched you and heard
Fragments of melody yet void of word
… I searched for, longed for you, but then alas
Lost you somewhere on June’s sun-dappled grass

I felt you closer like love’s ‘almost kiss’
Where daylight fell to dusk’s flaming abyss
But as I reached to trace your whisper, then
You fled to where none can trespass with pen
Why do you stay in that ‘next-to-me’ place?
Sighing in wind-song and teasing embrace

You break my will then restore it anew
Shaping, re-shaping my notions of you
Always in season, vague yet virile taunt
Keening my senses and stirring my want
Somewhere within me and out there you roam
Until I find you, dear elusive poem

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, even if the poem is elusive on occasion, it sure doesn't seem like it. You write beautifully! Seems like writing poetry for you is as natural as breathing.


  2. ...thank-you. Sometimes the poem we try to write isn't the one that happens. Always trusting God that the one that happens is the one that as supposed to be. Life was SO busy that I never got the chance to pen Father's Day thoughts, my sister turned 50 on Monday and I've had a flurry of thoughts I can't seem to reign in to anything sensible so I have to be satisfied that if it is supposed to happen the Giver will give. I see my sister on Saturday and she loves poetry so I would be thankful to God is He gave me a special one, but it really is up to Him. When I sat down to write last night I was so tired I almost feel asleep at the computer:)

    Blessings to you!

  3. oops, meant to say fell, not feel:)


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