Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time's Darling

The earth is full of green
And where its nuance glows
The bud unfurls its miracle
Of peony and rose

The air is like a stage
Where feathered choirs trill
To He who tunes each season-page
In spite of good and ill

The garden breaks its seal
Where seed, that wondrous thing
Before our very eyes reveals
What only God can bring

We walk beneath a tent
Of white and azure swoon
Goodness and mercy’s filament
Is palpable in June

Its winding afternoon
Kisses our quiet hurt
Where hidden springs embellish June
From fountains born of dirt

Come, taste the giddy song
Of lupine-laden love
Time’s darling does not linger long
In summer’s treasure-trove

© Janet Martin

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