Monday, June 2, 2014

Of Ruthless Realization

 Jim turned 50 yesterday! How often have we asked 'where does time go?'

Time will come…but to pass
And seal within its flow
Those things we cradled in our clasp
Before the letting go

Those things we vowed to keep
With resolute intent
Are stolen where Time’s moments weep
And ever circumvent

We cannot conquer years
This firm and forward flow
Consumes in obscure tick-tock spheres
The ever-present Now

And soon the filament
Of youth’s fanciful gown
Must fall beneath the averment
Of Time’s insistent crown

So, though we plead and groan
With earnest stubbornness
Time claims without apology
What we cannot possess

© Janet Martin


  1. Happy birthday to him. I remember thinking 50 meant I was really getting up there in years, but I turned 62 on Saturday.

    Time really does fly!


  2. wow! Happy Birthday to does no good to pine, right? Just make the most of every stage we're in because time will do its thing!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jim...yes the time does go swiftly doesn't it? :-)


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