Sunday, June 22, 2014


In this kaleidoscope of dark and light
Where moments melt to mem’ry; day to night
Within a ticking-tocking teeny hour
The begging bud becomes a beaming flower
But only for a little while; the tomb
Is gaping where these bonny beggars bloom
Beneath the wide-eyed welkin middle-day
In Eden’s age-old fashion flits away
And we re-shift our chairs, adapt to change
While ever still Time’s massifs rearrange

This mosaic of youth to middle age
To rocking chairs perplexes and prepares
Us for the cap sheaf of existence; that last page
When our book closes and we climb those mystic stairs
After life’s prayer and careworn little bit
To meet the Master who makes all the pieces fit
…this awesome undertaking of a day
If realized steals our breath away
For Hope, our ultimate lifeline extends
Beyond this scope where ignorance pretends

What still remains to come we do not know
Or how long is Time’s sweep from here to There?
The colors of this aching ebb and flow
Fills retrospect with sympathetic prayer
…the seed becomes the bud, the bloom exhales
Before the Certainty of death prevails
…yet season-scapes persist; its rooming-house
Embraces eager children in its joust
While this kaleidoscope of day to night
Turns moments into mem’ries; day to night…

© Janet Martin

Yesterday at our family-reunion we reminisced and remarked at the changes in ten years; there are ten children in my family and we each take a turn to host our summer get-together. Yesterday we were at the home of my oldest sister and we were reflecting on the changes since the last time they hosted it! What will another ten years bring? Only God knows.


  1. There are 4 of us in my family. We had a reunion 2 years ago and the 4 were there with some of our offspring. Since then, our oldest sister has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and recently, my only brother has been diagnosed with Melanoma cancer that has spread internally. Our youngest sister is making the trip home once again to see us all before our numbers dwindle, as they are sure to, in the next 2 years. Thanks for this poem today. I am thankful for God and eternity with him. We don't know what tomorrow will bring but God is with us every step of the way. Blessings to you Janet.

  2. Thank-you for the reminder to treasure what we have while we have it!

    Hugs and prayers!


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