Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Summer

It’s summer and the world is friendlier somehow, it seems
The luxury of fantasy’s fruition kindly beams
In lily-laden landscape and on morning’s dew-drenched slope
Summer empties its pockets where we hoarded our hope

How lovelier the hour in the colors of July
Or kindlier the bower beneath June-blue sanguine sky
With eagerness of children we embrace the filigree
Of summer-sighing leaf-song and its deep-shade luxury

The bivouac once laden with winter-weary lament
Unfetters bolted shutter releasing our discontent
For early dawn is peeking over skylines etched on pink
Who can afford to sleep when summer spills in honeyed ink?

In lush extravagance nature tickles the poet’s pen
A giddy sort of giggle slips from wooded bracken- den
As myriad of minstrels and bloom-happy balladeers
Compose first-class originals from naught but petal-tears

Cold lemonade and sweet tea enjoy popularity
As earth deploys its living-rooms beneath beckoning tree
It wears Popsicle-kiss and watermelon happiness

Its summer and the world is friendlier in green and blue
Our to-do lists are pinned to canvases of dirt and dew
And we are not distracted by want’s cold clutter of stuff
Because at last its summer and just living is enough

© Janet Martin


  1. I love these two photos and also checked back to see the winter version. I like the summer much better. And I love the country and cows and cedar rail fences too. Beautiful poem Janet. Blessings, Pam

  2. Summer-love thoughts well captured, in both word and view.
    I'm sure weekly thanks go out to the faithful mower of the lush lawn pictured.

  3. Thank-you Pamela, Today was such a pleasant day! not too hot but nice and warm with a gentle late-day shower.

  4. We all sort of like to mow the lawn but I don't get the chance to do it right now so I guess I'll enjoy the break. Matt like to pop in his head-phones and mow our yard and the neighbors yard, a couple hours worth of mowing while listening to his favorite tunes:) ah, summer!


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