Thursday, June 5, 2014


 Life is so much more than just a leap beneath Time's sky...what it is all about begins the moment that we die!

This season sweep of highs and lows
Of hues in blues and bronze and rose
Of happiness and weary woes
Where faith and fear are juxtaposed

…this dot beneath a tent of sky
This plot of seed and harvest sigh
This cot of greeting and good-bye
And knowing Something more is nigh

…this span of reaching for God’s grace
This teaching and beseeching place
Where we cannot one step retrace
Or any spoken thought erase

…this is a marvel spun of air
A slender thread twixt here and There
While morning gilds Time’s thoroughfare
And God cradles us in His care

…this stairway to the great Unknown
This grasping gasp of grief and groan  
Leads past a marker made of stone
To He who sits on Heaven’s throne

© Janet Martin


  1. Your poem made me feel a deep sense of peace, it is beautiful.
    Thank you, Janet, I needed this today.

  2. Thank YOU for stopping by. I'm glad it touched you.


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