Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wily Genius...

To fill my gaze with you, I cannot do
For Time, the wily genius obliterates my view
And all those frames I vowed to keep
Dissolve to nothing while I sleep

Hush, vapor silhouette of you; hold still
How is it that you fade against my will?
And though my heart is full of you, alas
I cannot keep one tittle in time’s glass

And while the sugar-coated hours run
Like laughter-colored streams beneath the sun
I vow anew to keep unsullied this
…a moment fading even as we kiss

Against my will I must refill my eyes
Not with what was; that is dirt's foolish guise
But with what is; for it is all we have
As Time the wily genius makes us brave

© Janet Martin

How often do we do this; drink deeply of a moment vowing to keep it forever, only to have it melt beneath our touch?

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