Friday, June 27, 2014

What is Time?

Time is a scalawag
…I looked the other way
He took this very Thing I had
And made it Yesterday

Time is a lover, oh
He steals my very breath
Knowing, while one arm holds me close
The other cradles death

Time is a patient Daddy
In spite of my mistakes
Each morning he bestows to me
The best of all he makes

Time is a hungry monster
He feeds on days and years
No sooner is its table spread
And then it disappears

Time is a flower-garden
Time is a tug-of-war
Time is both bard and beggar
Twixt after and before

Time is the mediator
Of  predator and prey
Yet all that we can hope for
Is its gift of one more day

© Janet Martin

Last night we were at the graduation ceremony for Victoria's Gr.8 friends...those things always make me sentimental:) we hear the echo of 'how fast Time flies!'

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