Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yesterday's Rhyme

(getting home-made cards is a beautiful memory we can open again and again!) its the best part of birthdays.

When sky–lines are swaddled in garments of dusk
And we have per-used hours wafting un-kissed
When into the archives of Past we entrust
This Thing formed of waiting and wondering mist
Lord, I pray if it may, oh, let it be
A beautiful, beautiful memory

When what is waiting becomes what once was
When live-learn-love claims this tittle in time
Then we can never unravel the gauze
Willing its twill into yesterday’s rhyme
But, please, dear Lord, oh, if it pleases thee
May it weave a beautiful memory

When what we hold of this ethereal thread
Falls through our fingers into nevermore
When future fills what is done and what is said
as After exposes what now is Before
Lord, I pray if it may, oh let it be
A beautiful, beautiful memory

© Janet Martin

So linger in love’s kiss,
And don’t just touch, feel
We hold for a moment
What new moments steal

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