Sunday, June 1, 2014

Go There, My Dear

Go there my dear, for tomorrow who knows?
Earth may be heavy with yesterday’s rose
Go there and do not look back then to pine
For what once was, but fell soft from the vine

Drink deep from the chalice you hold in your clasp
For Past builds its palace from This Thing that we grasp
Over and over, though seasons repeat
Time never refunds an hour, my sweet

…so go there and lie where the blue of the sky
Winks between green sweep of tree-lullaby
Go without guilt to the laughter of sod
Lie there and listen to whispers of God

Go while the rivers of summer run wild
Time weeps with echoes of yesterday's child
Take nothing with you save perhaps a pen
For darling, this day will never pass by again

Go where the rush of this moment-tide schemes
Tugging our thought between memories and dreams
For soon this day will slip, like all before
Into the eon of Time’s nevermore

© Janet Martin  

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