Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Echo's Silhouette


Tonight my love, the dark is ravenous for thoughts lonely and blue
When will the curse of longing wane without the want of you
I cannot dare to bleed in ink the breadth of what is not
Nor am I brave enough to bare the hunger of my thought

The music of a memory my love, is bittersweet
Like midnight when the moonlight and the dark of night compete
Or pictures on a heart-wall or an echo’s silhouette
…to think that once I thought perhaps someday I would forget

The habits of an hour remain staid, its firm discourse
Brushes a thousand afternoons to naught in soundless force
Before becomes the after; we are always in-between
The morrow’s sure uncertainty and yesterday’s ‘has been’

Laughter, like paper covers can offer a thin disguise
But it can never hide those frames we see behind closed eyes
Tonight my love, the dark is ravenous, the wind is blue
…to think that once I thought perhaps I would stop missing you

© Janet Martin

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