Monday, June 16, 2014

Life's Little Lovelinesses

A quick walk to the mechanic to pick up the van gifted me with our first wild-bloom bouquet of the year! Then I read Margie's poem and couldn't resist spreading this Binding of Loveliness

We walk beneath noon’s azure wreath
And woodland’s leaf-green tresses
Wild flowers bloom where we consume
Life’s little lovelinesses

We cannot buy or own the sky
And none claims the caresses
of melodies strung on lithe breeze’s little lovelinesses

The windowsill is bare until
The fruit of bud re-blesses
Our empty jars with petal-stars
…life’s little lovelinesses

The air is drenched with song unclenched
Where bird and blossom dresses
The barren earth with nature’s mirth
…life’s little lovelinesses

Dear Lord, I praise Your sundry ways
Of healing our distresses
As you deploy in leaf-spun joy
Life's little lovelinesses

© Janet Martin

Off to rid the garden of some ‘un-loveliness’ while 'little guy' sleeps...


  1. Janet,
    How kind of you to mention my poem and I so love yours, it is lovely and the flowers are beautiful ...

  2. you are welcome, and thank YOU for touching my life with loveliness!


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