Sunday, June 15, 2014

So It Goes

 Yesterday was one of those days I didn't want to end...but it did. My niece and her fiance(his family also friends of ours) got married. I love weddings! so much. As I listened to the speeches it struck me again how precious each day is and the memories we take from them as they take their place in The Past.

So it goes; life’s highs and lows
Are brushed to closures ether-wrought
Where the refrains of what remains
Unchains their strains in naught but thought

So it goes; one season flows
Into the next; a seamless spawn
Where laughter, tears, despair and cheer
Soon disappears in years bygone

So it goes; the bud, the rose
Will soon compose their after math
Where we return to learn or yearn
For petals scattered on Time’s path

So it goes; the zephyr blows
Where clocks disclose life’s give and take
We cannot cling to anything
Save for the memories we make

© Janet Martin


  1. I love weddings too, Janet.
    I hope the newlyweds make some beautiful memories together.
    Lovely poem!

  2. thank-you. I'm sure they will...and may we 'oldly-weds' remember to keep making beautiful memories too...

  3. Beautiful!!!
    I'd love to see the photos you took.
    Well I think my break is over...time to clean up!
    I'll be in touch....xo. L~


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