Thursday, June 26, 2014

Impact of Imminence

Imminence swells, unfolds then breaks
To rest in Bygone’s frozen lakes
None can its free-fall resurrect
We live within after-effect
For though a moment soon is gone
Its consequence ripples and spawns
Another wave from there to here
It swells to break and disappear
As future-present-past connect
We live in After-effect

© Janet Martin

A peek at what happened during the delivering of this poem...'hey mom,' says daughter before leaving to get her hair done. 'Which one do you think would look best on me?' and she flips through a bunch of pictures on her phone of models with perfect hair ; then, 'oh, if you're going out can you buy four boxes of fresh straw-berries so I can make some jam to do teacher-gifts for the morning?' next; we look for my purse, find it, figure out how much to spend...back to the poem, 'now where was I?'

Ultimately, the conception of this poem began while listening to this message as I tidied the house...


  1. I so enjoy Dr. Charles Stanley's messages!

  2. me too! always challenging. always encouraging. I pray for him and that God blesses him with health and strength to keep on as long as the Lord wills. Yesterday my 19. yr.old daughter said as I listened and hoped she would too...'this guy is really, really good! He talks about real life relevant now!'


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