Monday, June 9, 2014

Mother's Monday Morning Madrigal to Monday's G-races:)...and mountain-mercies.

The undone smiles in laundry-piles and sinks refurbished with their due
The morning spills to gilded rills in hope’s refurnished gold and blue
The give and take of living breaks the will of Want-and-Wishing woe
The hour thirsts for its new’ firsts’ of holding on and letting go

The ether reels from whence time steals forget-me-not and daffodil
Replenishes earth’s hungry tress with flower-trees on wind-teased hill
As Bleeding Heart falls to the art of portraits painted with the Past
While in our hand Time’s virgin sand is trickling swiftly through our clasp

The silver fields to which gold yields its giggling gasp of innocence
Beckons to her within the spur of Duty’s tireless insistence
The unchained clock with tick and tock will brush to naught its bronze-frond bliss
While She must learn to love and yearn for aught but love’s lingering kiss

…found in the smiles of laundry piles and sinks refurbished with their due
While morning swells in flower-bells and chimes in climes of gold and blue
The give and take of living wakes within her heart a paradise
Where hours thirst for love-worn ‘firsts’ and hope reborn in Monday-eyes

© Janet Martin

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