Monday, June 9, 2014

The June of Life...

The green embrace of leaf-spun lace
Refurbishes with song, June’s air
The amethyst of morning kissed
In mist, stirs in our hearts a prayer
The ancient crypt where today slipped
From us to it with calloused ease
Expands its room to claim the bloom
Of dew and dark-lashed memories

The years we strung while hours wrung
From tattling tongues life’s innocence
Banters dauntless on Time-tuned tress
Betraying churlish self-defence
Where moment-gold melts in our hold
Like high-noon from her azure throne
Or woodland glades before the shades
Of autumn raids its maiden-crown

The bravado of letting go
While clinging to our sanity
Becomes a fight of dark and light
And sorrow-sweetened agony
Once more the tent of June is bent
With the intent of peonies
Time’s noose feels looser in the ruse
Of summer’s honey-scented breeze

The rod of God tenderly shod
With mercy, spurs us to Time’s path
Of stalwart smiles and second miles
Where clover curves its quickened swathe
And grace becomes the total sum
Of every boast we dare to tout
We limp beneath love’s thorn-worn wreath
We cannot bear to live without

© Janet Martin

'Morning sounds like a water-fall outside my window', remarked Victoria as she paused to listen to the sparkle of new-born walnut-tree leaves,
 ...or maybe its the plush rush of breeze teasing peony-blushing bushes.

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