Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Day in June...Canada Mourns

This day sprawling beneath June skies
extends a transient paradise
where we dream dreams with dreamy eyes
and wish our wishes, wanton, wise

This day flows like a river, blue
above earth’s gold-green avenue
where blossoms bloom in sundry hue

This day of hello and goodbye
sprawls languidly beneath June sky
where some will live while others die
but death will come for you and I

This day is like a gift from God
a gem of Time where breezes nod
and skim this place of green-laced sod
where June seems nearly heaven-shod

This day is like a stepping-stone
carved from the grace of God alone
leading from earth to Heaven's throne
God, help us cherish every one

Janet Martin

In our hearts and prayers, we hold them...

This day we mourn with Moncton 

...and Oregon

This song was sung during the memorial service for David Ross


For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust. As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, And its place acknowledges it no longer.…Ps. 103:14-16


  1. We never know when it might be our last day on earth and so let us be joyful for today.
    My heart grieves for all those RCMP that lost their lives so tragically .

    Lovely poem, Janet

  2. Heart-breaking on every level, except the way Jesus was magnified in the service...breath-taking and awesome!

    Thank-you for your thoughts, Margie.

  3. Janet, these are beautiful thoughts and poem in honour of those gone too soon. I cried through the service this afternoon on TV and my heart grieves for all those touched by this tragedy, including the family of the shooter. God bless them. Pam

  4. These thoughts transpired after digging in my garden beneath blue cloud-tumbled skies,on a rolling carpet of green and floral, then returning to the house and 'mourning with those who mourn' as I too wept through the service.I echo your sentiments. Thank-you Pamela, for sharing.


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