Wednesday, December 7, 2011

While You Were Gone...

While you were gone the ivy grew
To deck the garden wall
Where once I used to sit with you
And watch the shadows fall
And we would dream and we would sigh
And wish for things to come
But then you left without good-by
And now that girl is gone

While you were gone the laughing brook
Bled dry and flows with reeds
The old dirt path that once we took
Is overgrown with weeds
But I still see that secret place
Behind the old oak tree
Where first your soft lips brushed my face
And stirred the want in me

While you were gone my hope grew dim
And drifted to the sky
I learned that love is not a whim
And some tears never dry
While you were gone the years somehow
Wore out the garden gate
I see a woman standing now
Where once a girl would wait



  1. Simply beautiful... loaded with memories and sadness.

  2. Thank-you Violet. It's strange, what a simple prompt can evoke...

  3. Wonderful poem, I like the how the story is told in this way. Nothing more is needed. The images come forth with each word.


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