Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Have We Done?

Another year is slowly closing its fist
On shadows of sorrow and joy reminisced
Deep in our soul stirs a bitter-sweet glow
As we view the goals of twelve short months ago

Have we accomplished those things we resolved?
Or have days somehow just compiled and evolved
Absorbing our moments of reason and rhyme
Caught in the current of a vapor called Time

Open your hand; tell me, what do you see?
A soft, gleaming seed; opportunity
And with this small gift we quench the ache
Of wondering what kind of difference we make

It takes but one moment to smile or to pray
Planting hope for tomorrow in someone’s life today
We cannot control circumstance; bad or good
All we can control is our attitude

Another year is slowly closing its fist
I will not gaze in dismay at my list
Of forgotten promises, failure, regret
I’ll look at the gift of this moment instead


Sometimes as another year draws to a close
it is easy to become over-whelmed by the swift passage of time
and the accumulation of failure and unfulfilled hopes.

Wait in the Lord,
Be of good courage
And He will strengthen Your heart.
Wait, I say, on the Lord. Ps. 27:14


  1. Bittersweet memories that one has by the end of every year.

    Last stanza...i simply loved it..'of forgotten promises, failure...

  2. Yes, and more glimmering 'beyond the horizon;)) sorry, couldn't resist.

    The thing about us..we see life in little frames as it happens. We can only see the whole picture coming together as we see the past. Sometimes we may think a picture has been completed, when in retrospect we see it was far from finished...the Master Painter is the only one who can see the whole picture...we are in good hands, no?

  3. Hehehe...Its okay Janet :D

    and those frames are very precious for friend had shared this quote "How can I forget my past, When most of my life I have lived there"

    Master Painter..hmm, yes...the one who paints life with colors, where black (darkness, sad) is also one of them ;)

  4. Yes BH, without the darkness there would be nothing to impact the light!

    theundersizedshadow...thank-you for visiting and for your thoughts.


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