Friday, December 2, 2011

Unshakable Proof

A Light-house

On a solid Rock

His Word

Won’t lead astray

Eternity will be

Our proof

That His Love

Is The Way

Janet Martin

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6


  1. Your words convey the certainty of your faith - and aptly compared to the lighthouse.

    Thank you for participating in the Picture Prompt on Real Toads.

  2. Another beautiful, uplifting piece, Janet.

    On a side note- kast night after you commented on my poem on Bird's-Eye Gemini, I got creeped out. My husband is out of town and suddenly I heard strange noises from outside. Funny how our minds can play tricks on us.

  3. Oh Laurie, that was bad timing, wasn't it? People ask me sometimes if I'm scared and I tell them that is road I refuse to travel. We need this Lighthouse in the poem above, don't we?! It is built on a Solid Rock. ...and also, I collect rolling pins... Some BIG, HEAVY ONES! They hang on a holder inside the door, around the corner;))

  4. Kerry, Mama Zen, Lolamouse, I thank-you so much for your visit and your kind thoughts.

  5. Your words are a welcome beacon in a dark light, Janet.

  6. Mary, You're welcome.

    Thank-you for your many kind words.

  7. Oh, what a beautiful poem, Janet. I'm certain that your words here are anointed and will reach those who need to hear the gospel, the GOOD NEWS!!

  8. Mary Ann, God bless you for your beautiful encouragement and caring heart.

    ...and may He in all things have the glory!

  9. I appreciate the meaningful rock of faith ~ Thank you for sharing the light ~

  10. Thank-you Fire-blossom and Grace.

  11. So perfectly written ~ He is the light in our lives, He guides our paths, He is our rock! Beautiful Janet :)


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