Friday, December 2, 2011

Torturous Tango

You don’t tell me what you’re thinking
And well, I guess I do the same
And I’m beginning to wonder
If this has turned into a game
You ask me how I am doing
I smile and say I’m just fine
I ask you what’s new in your world
And you hand me that worn-out line
“Oh, nothin’”
It’s a sad and a strange kind of two-step
A dull choreography
As words cover up the silence
Expanding between you and me
It’s a painful slow-motion tango
This dance that somehow we’ve begun
As you ask me what I am thinking
And I reply in monotone
“Oh, nothin’”
Empty words are like wall-paper
They simply cover up the truth
As we sit apart together
And speak of the weather, and food
Our eyes plead for a brave, new language
But somehow no one makes the first move
So we dance in the safety of habit
And ask each other what we want to do…
“Oh, nothin’”


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