Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thoughts on Solitary...

The whole world over
We hold one solitary thing in common
…this moment

The only things ever accomplished were done,
Not in yesterday or tomorrow
But in that solitary gift of today

Only one, only one
Do not waste it away
Only one life
To work and to play
Only one, only one
What a beautiful gift
Tell me my friend
Are you cherishing it?
Only one, only one
Quickly it is done
What will they say of us
When we are gone?

There is a torch for tomorrow
And all generation to come
A solitary Light in our sorrow
The Light that will guide us Home

Few are the things that are changeless
But God sent His precious Son
And now by the light of Jesus love
Safely He’ll guide us Home

How great is the love of the Father
That He sent His own flesh and blood
That all who call upon Him
Will be called the sons of God

Earth has many boasts to offer
But none can compare in worth
To the solitary love of the Father
Who sent His Son to this earth


Praise Him...Jesus is the solitary reason for the season!


  1. I love this and deeply appreciated. You are brave and a creative soul. nice to have meet you.

  2. it is a wonderful gift, this moment...

  3. Gift wrapped words ... how wonderful!

  4. nice...strong message in this..hope you have a wonderful christmas...and a great today as well...smiles.

  5. Hi Janet, thanks for participating in Poetry Jam. Your poem is indeed a message for the season. We all do have a sollitary light, even brighter at this time of year.

  6. To each one of you, many thanks and Merry Christmas!

  7. Today is the most precious gift I agree. And thanks for sharing your meaningful words this Christmas.

    I wish you and your family Happy Holidays ~


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