Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thoughts Between Sleeping

Turning a blind eye to the truth…
…does not alter it.

It is in admitting defeat, not in waking…
…that separates the dreamer from the dream.

Truth is not an opinion or an option…It IS

If every snowflake ever that fell
Would symbolize a year in heaven or hell
…it would still in completion be
But the first breath of eternity

If we handled every moment
As though it could be our last
We would not bear the torment
Of a could-have, should-have past

Fat, thin
Short, tall
Lord God
Made us all

To wish for what is not
Is to waste what is

Harsh words are claw-scratches on a tender soul

There is no darkness so fierce, that a spark cannot pierce.

Have you ever watched the twilight move in?
It takes layers of darkness to extinguish light
And one little star to dispel utter darkness


I can't remember all of them, but it seemed like words pressed sleep from my eyes last night, resulting in a series of dozes rather than sound sleep...too much sitting/eating, perhaps?


  1. To remember what is here is enough. The thoughts between placed come together so well.

  2. To remember...that is key! Thank-you Anthony, for your shared thoughts.

  3. To wish for what is not
    Is to waste what is

    and of course, the last verse is awesome.

    Merry Christmas!


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