Sunday, December 4, 2011

These Prayers are not Vanilla

A light on a precipice high above life
My bark laden down with its cares
But my mission will not succumb to this strife
I’m kept by my dear mother’s prayers

It’s more than a subtle inkling of hope
More than an amorous poem
In foam-crusted tempest my vessel will cope
As my mother’s prayers lead me home

Faithful trivet in life’s testing flame
A glow in the chill of December
In my mind I hear her whisper my name
As I genuflect and remember

Janet Martin

Sunday Wordle words are; 1.December, 2.vanilla, 3.precipice, 4.subtle, 5. Inkling, 6. Bark, 7.crusted, 8.laden, 9.genuflect,10. mission, 11.amorous, 12. trivet

Okay, the title is a stretch, I admit…but I wanted to use vanilla!

I also had not quite used up all my light-house ideas from 'real-toads' this week so this is what decided my theme for the first crack at these words...


  1. I look forward to your poems, Janet, and really appreciate your writing style. This is a lovely piece. The last stanza is spectacular. You have created such reverence and poignancy.

  2. You're allowed to stretch!

    I appreciate the unobtrusive use of rhyme in this piece.

    Whirling Haiku

  3. Thank-you Marianne. I always appreciate your words of kindness.

  4. Magical Mystical Teacher,
    That is the great thing about poetry!
    ...and yes, I am a sucker for rhyme but I really am trying to stretch from my comfort zone now and then.

  5. Very impressive, Janet. You are not a 'sucker' for rhyme -- you bare very good with it. An exemplary wordle poem!

  6. A beautiful poem about a mother's love and how it can carry her child through life's storms. Not vanilla at all. Well done. :)

  7. If this wordle did not stretch your comfort zone, nothing will. An amazing submission. The lighthouse, with its double meaning, made it twice as strong.

  8. Mary and Traci, Thank-you for blessing me with your kind thoughts.


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