Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starting Something New

Poetics Aside has prompted us to write about a new start...

Come on hon, whaddaya say
Let’s put them ornery misgivin’s away
An’ let’s remember how pure an’ fine
Is this love we cherish like vintage wine

Let’s lay aside work that so easily besets us
An’ be easy-goin’ like them movie-lovers
You can tear off the table cloth iffen you wanna
I would sorta like a new set o’ china

We’ll dance on the ceiling or is it the floor?
You can shout ‘Karummba!’ and break down the door
Whaddaya say hon, wanna give it a whirl
An’ start somethin’ new with a kinda old girl?


A light-hearted approach;))
p.s. too much Beverly hill-billies, maybe?

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