Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Child’s face plastered against an ethereal pane
Dark, hollow eyes follow me everywhere
A haunting plea of misery and pain
A cry, unheeded hangs on stricken air
Of hunger, hopelessness and stark despair

A world of things looms far across the sea
Oblivious to his wail of poverty
Where excess is the fount of discontent
While greed becomes a noose of misery
Across the sea a small child’s hope is spent


A Dizain


  1. The image is haunting, as is your poem. May all these children have hope? It must be so hard to live without....or much of anything.

  2. Mary, it is hard to imagine having nothing. As much as we try to remember we forget! We have some friends who touch these kids is sobering to hear their stories!What a calling we have to the poor!


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