Thursday, December 1, 2011


If you listen
Well, I guess that
You won’t hear a thing
It’s another kind
Of language
Caught in whispers
Deep within
And I can feel my heartbeat
In a tender sort of pain
Its timbre, blue and bitter-sweet
Yet, warm as summer rain
I feel it rise within me
In a sweeping melody
As its tenure rushes through me
Like a storm on midnight’s sea
For its whisper is an ocean
Yet its ocean but a sigh
And its lone proof of existence
Is a teardrop in my eye
If you listen closely
Well, you still won’t hear a thing
But I can hear it clearly
In a montage deep within
Its lips upon my memory
And its voice against each breath
Its notes a sudden longing
And an aching in my chest
Not a flicker, not a murmur
Not a single, tiny trace
Of the orchestra within me
But the half-smile on my face



  1. This is SO good! Really beautiful. Really glad I came. A joy to read.

  2. Dave, your comments are always so kind. Thank-you~

  3. A beautiful response to the prompt! I like 'the orchestra within me.'

  4. Thank-you, Mary.

    I really was planning to ignore all the prompts for December and relax a little and do some other things, but there are a few this week just to tantalizing to pass up! this is one of them.

  5. whispering is another language indeed.

    well penned view,
    Happy Friday.

  6. Oh Janet this is stunning...I love how you used so many music terms in your expression...lovely writing!!

  7. Vivid imagery. Reminds me that sometimes whispering is very musical on its own. Thank you for sharing!
    -Erick Flores

  8. I can hear the subtle overtones in the musicality of your lyrics - wonderful!

  9. Thank-you each of you, I appreciate your kind words.


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