Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Night of Thoughts

Dare we to venture out into the night?
The twilight deepened many hours ago
Yet, to be entertained by Orion’s light
Is far superior to mans earthbound show
The silence murmurs loud, a thousand thoughts
And as I slip my hand across the years
I feel it reach within my heart of hearts
In sonnets born of laughter, pain and tears
How can we keep this night from fading fast?
Sharply the present wars against the past

The mind contains a broad and boundless stage
Where images of hope and grief implore
Upon its girth our dreams and passions rage
As unedited moments deck the floor
There is no script for longing or remorse
And who can tell which fuels the sudden tear
Thought against thought, a soundless intercourse
Yet all consuming in its faith or fear
Are we together now or worlds apart?
Thought spares no sacred mercy for the heart

Dare we to venture out into the night?
Dare we to vex the laws of solitude?
Will midnight render turmoil or respite?
Is darkness day’s swan-song or dawn’s prelude?
Statistics are a stark, material chart
No Hubble telescope can pierce thoughts shell
Or clarify the measure of the heart
Its secret sorrows it can never tell
Thought cannot don a fraudulent disguise
As God alone beholds its truths; its lies

Against the heartbeat of night's tranquil breast
We lay aside our masks of bravery
While some claim its nocturnal brow to rest
Some revel in its vulnerability
Beyond the skyline or beneath the soil
Thought cannot be restrained by rule or rod
A builder or a scavenger of spoil
It escapes all visage but that of God
And yet in every act that we engage
Thought opens up the curtain to its stage


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