Thursday, December 8, 2011

Someday Upon the Open Sky
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Someday upon the open sky
The sun and stars shall dim
As all God’s heavenly angels cry
Behold, behold your King
And from four corners of the earth
Each trembling knee will bend
To see the Child of lowly birth
On Heaven’s throne descend

Dare we to scoff and jeer and scorn
The One laid in a manger
For unto us a Child was born
That day to be our Savior
Someday upon the vaulted cloud
We will look up to see
That this is Jesus Christ the Lord
Love’s sacred Deity

Then the whole earth will turn to weep
At His pure holiness
But this true Shepherd knows His sheep
And they, the Shepherd’s voice
And those who long have waited for
The coming of their King
Will rise to meet their Shepherd Lord
And join the angels hymn

Janet Martin

I'm listening to the Christmas songs while doing housework.
Powerful messages in each one, words of hope and peace and joy and love.


  1. glad your Christmas music inspired such a wonderful poem

  2. Thank-you Susie,
    I think the rhythm in the last stanza still needs tweaking, but I'll tweak when I find the 'squeak':) Merry Christmas.

  3. I found the squeak! It was the whole last stanza so I deleted it! Almost as easy as an 'easy' button;))

  4. As a shepherd once, who loves the sky. I had to put a smiley face here, ^_^ great poem!!

  5. Thank-you Victor...I too am a sky-lover. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you! Love the smiley face:))


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