Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slow Dancing to Life's Music

Barefoot and blue jeans
Does it get any better
Favorite music
My old, worn sweater
Little girl slipping
Her hand into mine
I turn to kiss her
But she’s grown up and gone
And the flip-side of loving
Is sweet memories
So I dance to life’s music
In faded blue jeans
As I recall what I love
And what I miss
Oh does it get any better than this?

Five o’clock shadow
Caressing my cheek
Darling, there are no words
Left to speak
Full moon reminding me
Of all that is not
And how much is missing
In all that I’ve got
And waiting is longer
Than than it used to be
But struggle makes us stronger
If love is the key
As hope fills the hollow
Of things that I miss
Oh, does it get any better than this?

Bare feet and blue jeans
Deep blue full moon night
Desire and duty
And dreaming take flight
My head on your shoulder
Your hand finding mine
Let’s slow dance, darling
I know we’ll be fine
For all that we have
Out-weighs what is not
Oh, what a beautiful
Love we have got
As you hold me closer
Dancing is bliss
Oh, does it get any better than this?


To miss is to love...


  1. You write so often about a partner that isn't there -- it's a sad, but powerful theme.

    These are great song lyrics. Well written,


  2. Thanks Mosk. I did sort of write this to a tune in my head:)

  3. For some reason sadness resonates more easily in poetry for me...I tried to untwist this one and take the longing from it.

    In doing so, is it less impact-ful, or is that just me?

    There are many years, people and faces woven into these poems of longing/sadness. Some are autobiographical and some are not...

    I have been blessed immensely in most degrees of love;)

    Thank-you as always for caring enough to read and comment.

  4. Slow Dancing on life's Music is blissful even if alone. But if with that someone it would be more ;)

    P.S. Self inflicted breaks are short-lived, even I have done that :)


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