Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So Long Ago...

You scrawled your name upon my heart
And nonchalantly took your leave
To you its just forgotten art
But oh, my heart is not a tree

You took without a second thought
A tender vital part of me
I’m sure it’s something you forgot
But oh, my soul is not a tree

You played a round of daisy-love
My final petal said ‘love me’
You must have finished, ‘love me not’
And tossed the bloom beneath the tree…

…then scrawled your name upon my heart
On a surface none can see
To you its long-forgotten art
Scrawled on a long-forgotten tree


Poetry Jam invites us to put on music and write so I chose Moon River and wrote...
(link to song above)


  1. the near reptition in the final lines of each stanza...this def works...and evocative...nice...

  2. Beautiful; but so sad when one person ends with 'love me' and the other with 'love me not.'

    Oh...I remember "Moon River." Lovely song, lovely memories.

  3. Moon River is a gorgeous song.

    Hearts aren't made of wood, at least not hearts that remember this way.

  4. Reading your poem shortly after midnight ... I will fall asleep remembering your words and the music. How nice.

  5. i too love your use of the near-repetition. and i love Moon River. {smile}

    this is wonderful! thank you for sharing at Poetry Jam.

    dani ♥

  6. This is beautifully written Janet. And Moon River is a good song to use for inspiration I think. I liked the repetition--just right. Write on!


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